Thursday, November 21, 2013

Korean Talk Show: Taxi episode 312

One night a few weeks ago, I was walking down the street in Itaewon and I saw a small crowd with a few cameras. Pretty much all Korean dramas are filmed in Seoul, so I stopped to take some pictures. Then I could show them to friends of mine and find out about it.

Fast forward. My ex girlfriend sends me a message and says to me, "My friend in California sent me a message and said she saw you on TV." I never met her friend but she recognized me just from our Facebook pictures. She told me the show was 'Taxi' and that I was caught on the beginning of episode 312.

I dug up the episode and at exactly 1:21 they catch me on camera for just under 1 second. So... I'm famous!

I did send the iphone pictures to some friends and they recognized the Korean man. He is a famous talk show host. They did not recognize the woman.

TVN's Taxi is a talk show where they have famous Korean stars on as guests, but they interview them as they drive around in a Taxi, instead of in a studio.

I'm not sure why they do it that way, but maybe it allows them to have more guests and film more easily because they can pick up the stars and drop them off, so it's more convenient for them. That's just my guess!

Here's a link to the TV show that I'm in:

There are no English subs on that link, sorry! If you search google or Youtube for "TVN Taxi" you can probably find an episode with English subs pretty easily!