Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Couples Clothing ~ CRAZE (UPDATED 10/9!)

In Korea, a lot of Korean couples - married or dating - enjoy matching.  Where I'm from, it's frowned upon. And not everyone in Korea enjoys it or does it, but it is by no means an uncommon sight!

This old beer commercial has always stuck in my mind. It's a series of commercials where men are caught doing things which men 'aren't supposed to do' because it's not considered "manly".

In this commercial, some guys are having a BBQ, and one of them shows up wearing matching shirts with his girlfriend.

Couples clothing does not go unnoticed by westerners in Korea. A former coworker of mine snapped these shots of couples in the act and created a photo album. She titled it...

"Gruesome Twosomes"

 Matching pants, shirts, and shoes!



 Seems like the girl got the raw end on this one...

 But usually it seems it's the guy who wears a woman's shirt.
This guy... well, absolutely NOTHING he has on matches.

 And a couples bike, too.

Looks like she just bought whatever he happened to have in his closet...

With matching popped collars. Looks like the guy suspects he's being photographed. haha

Running is mental!
With matching shoes, capris, and shirts... and luggage?

The guy won this couples clothing choice battle, I think.

When families do it, seems kind of nice. 

 To me, it looks like they both are getting a bad deal with these shirts.

They really... (to be continued) the... (to be continued)

 ...popped collars! (finished)

I love it when they even match shoes... haha

 In Korea, these actions are frowned upon.

I don't quite understand it, but some Korean guys actually lead their partners like this guy is doing.
In USA, that is very domineering.

I actually kind of like this one.

Where's her baseball cap?


 MANY MANYs. shirts, jeans, open jackets.




Is it just me... or does she look a bit young for him?

 And I believe this guy is a foreigner. haha

He put his foot down when it came to matching her color...

 I'm so glad he doesn't have a ribbon like hers!

I guess this is a popular couples shirt style...

See above.

Many who fall in love in Korea succumb to the Couples Clothing Craze! But what about you? Do YOU like it? And would YOU do it for the one you love?

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  1. I don't really like it but I want to have a try haha if I have a boyfriend:)